New Motive Found in Murder of Canadian Pharma Billionaires — Largest Producers of Generic Virus Cure


As the world seeks supplies of the old malaria drug that could also be the cure for Corona Virus, the mysterious death of its biggest producer could now have new meaning.

Two years after billionaire Toronto businessman Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, were found brutally murdered in their home as a realtor was showing the house to prospective buyers, the actual production of their pharmaceutical company is adding some motive to what’s been an unsolved killing.

Sherman’s company, Apotex, was a leading Canadian manufacturer of generic drugs, and the largest producer of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, in their case, the APO-Hydroxyquine 200MG tablet.

The speculation rife on social media, where much of the world is homebound, with ample free time to connect dots discovered online, the line of reasoning found many takers.

Quite simply, the Shermans, who had pledged to donate their fortunes to the Bill Gates – Warren Buffet Giving Pledge program, could have just been murdered to take control of their giant supply of Corona Virus killer, Hydroxychloroquine. Lots of presumptions there, including that the virus was man-made, that Bill Gates, who’s emerged as the self-appointed global vaccine czar, would want to limit knowledge of the old Malaria drug as a cure to leave room for the public to be vaccinated once that’s developed.

One fly in the ointment is that Apotek, which still exits today, has joined the global fight against the virus, donating 240,000 doses to a study in Canada to determine its effectiveness.

Other pharmaceutical companies have already ramped-up production and sent millions of doses to the U.S.

The deaths of the Shermans rocked the Toronto elite. Police initially thought that the crime scene was a murder-suicide, as there were no signs of forced entry. However, it was discovered that a room in the basement was being painted and a window had been left open to air out the room.

The family’s investigators believe that it was a double homicide by multiple killers, as the bodies had been positioned in death, reflecting the likeness of artwork found in their home.

The Shermans had been wrapped with leather belts, which were knotted around a handrail. They speculated that Honey Sherman had fought with her attackers based on injuries she had sustained to her lips and nose and being found in a pool of her own blood.

With an estimated net worth of US$3.2 billion at the time of his death, according to Forbes, Barry Sherman was the 12th-wealthiest Canadian.

Their children have offered a $10 million reward for finding their parents’ killer. They’ve also fought up to the Supreme Court to seal the documents and all records about the case, fueling fire that secrets are deep and nefarious.


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